Case Study – PLM integrates entire machine development process

Teamcenter manages all technical data and documentation within a project context that is maintained throughout the product lifecycle

Otto Bihler Maschinenfabrik
Nearly every sales contact with Otto Bihler Maschinenfabrik starts with questions about sheet metal. That is Bihler’s specialty; the company is known the world over for its sheet metal expertise. Questions can involve either simple or complex manufacturing problems, but all must be solved economically and according to the technical requirements of the customer’s application using Bihler’s stamping and bending machinery and software services.

A major challenge for this company with 950 employees worldwide, several plant locations and many subsidiaries is to combine a top-down definition of the best facility with the most efficient bottom-up processes for design and manufacturing. Bihler decided to partner with Siemens PLM Software to address these challenges.

Read this informative case study and learn how Otto Bihler implemented their vision making NX the basis for the engineering and manufacturing of a modular product system covering all types of machines made by the company. Teamcenter® was introduced as Bihler’s product data management (PDM) system to administer and update specifications, and to control design and manufacturing work flows.

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Keys To Success:

  • An end-to-end platform for digital product development
  • Company-wide project and document management
  • Visibility of all divisional and functional data
  • A central database for total product lifecycle management

To complete this range of tools, the company developed a document management capability within the Teamcenter environment. “We have our own import tools and automatic processes, and have created a detailed hierarchy of user and read-only rights encompassing all documents relevant to projects and for all parts of the company,” explains Jürgen Steigenberger, who is responsible for PDM administration. Every user sees the same document. Checking out a document logs the updating process. Employees who have an interest in that document are informed of any changes that are made. All documents, drawings and component specifications covering the complete value chain are managed in this system and filed in a standard structure.

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