Case Study – Using PLM to advance global leadership in electrical power transmission and distribution equipment

Teamcenter and NX help Hyundai Heavy Industries save $9.8 million annually across product lines

Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI)
The Electro Electric Systems Division of HHI was established in 1977 and provides cutting-edge products across all industries in Korea by employing advanced technology and performing ongoing research and development (R&D). Recognized for its proficiency and expertise, the division offers turnkey solutions in the power industries covering design, engineering, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of major electrical systems in power plants, substations, locomotives, subways and marine vessels.

The Electro Electric Systems Division of HHI was implementing hundreds of designs simultaneously and experiencing increasing user demand for revision unification as well as the need for systematic management of designs and documents. HHI tried to respond with its existing legacy system, but experienced limitations due to a lack of manpower and technology. The staff of HHI considered various options including deploying ERP products and systems from other vendors but decided that Teamcenter was the most optimized tool and best met the division’s needs.

Read this informative case study and learn how Hyundai Heavy Industries fulfilled the company's need for enterprise management of R&D information for major products, from bills of materials (BOMs) through product lifecycle management (PLM) using Teamcenter.

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Keys To Success:

  • Improving management and use of drawings, payment, design and production
  • Managing actual drawing/BOM throughout the product lifecycle
  • Enhancing product quality to increase revenues

“HHI Electro Electronics system division deployed Siemens’ Teamcenter to systemize overall design tasks,” says Ahn Chi Sung, section chief at HHI. “The system is very easy to use and convenient for our designers. In addition, product data is totally reliable. The completely integrated environment has resulted in improved product quality and increased profitability.”

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