Industrial Machinery Engineering Collaboration

Global platform for design & design release for complex, customized machines

What is PDM

  • Find it: With PDM, engineers can quickly and easily find exactly what they are looking for.
  • Understand it: Once you find what you need, you can understand the context of what you’re working on – without wading through irrelevant information.
  • Know what to do with it: And PDM provides process management capabilities that help you understand the history of what you’re working on, and what to do with it to move forward.


Delivering Real Value
Top reasons why companies like yours are leveraging Teamcenter for Engineering Collaboration

  • With PDM, engineers can quickly and easily find what they need, understand the context of the information help you understand what to do with it.
  • Transparent PDM enables products and their corresponding documentation to be managed together so that all documentation that defines a part (or assembly) is aligned with the product itself. This provides the user with clear visibility to the information driving a product’s development.
  • The centralized change management within PDM guarantees that thousands of users work on the latest data. With the knowledge about dependencies between all the different objects in the PLM system, the PLM system has a much more powerful way to track changes in different domains and alert the right people of the change that will impact what they are working on.